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  • Last stock! Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Transfer Formula — 4oz Bottle

    Stencil Stuff Tattoo Stencil Transfer Formula — 4oz Bottle

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    4oz Bottle of Tattoo Stencil Transfer Formula by Stencil Stuff Create detailed precision stencils and achieve longer lasting stencil artwork with Stencil Stuff. Developed by professional tattoo artists in 2005, Stencil Stuff is a creamy lotion that produces crisp, clean, sharp stencil transfers. Stencil Stuff has been laboratory formulated and tested to be non-toxic and safe for most skins.Stencil Stuff also allows you to reapply your stencil multiple times without the worry of damaged stencil work or the need to make another stencil. Simply use alcohol to remove your stencil transfer if you need to reposition it.This listing is for one 4oz bottle of Stencil Stuff. Specifications: Size: 4oz Non-toxic lotion; vegan-friendly Safe for most skin types Produces crisp, clean stencil transfers Allows reuse of stencil if needed Manufactured by Stencil Stuff Price per one bottle Directions: Pour small amount of Stencil Stuff solution into gloved hand, spreading evenly over prepared area until surface is damp but not wet. Apply stencil art to surface, holding 3 to 5 seconds. Remove stencil and allow to set approximately 8 to 10 minutes. While working on tattoo: Work from the bottom up, occasionally wiping away excess tattoo ink. Avoid excessive wiping.

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  • Anchored by Nikko – Tattoo Stencil Solution– 8oz – Price Per Bottle

    Anchored by Nikko – Tattoo Stencil Solution– 8oz – Price Per Bottle

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    Nikko Hurtados’ Anchored Stencil Solution – Tattoo Transfer Cream – 8oz. BottleWorld-renowned portrait tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado spent years developing an effective stencil transfer solution that other artists would love. Combine his knowledge and experience with years of testing, and Anchored Stencil Solution is the result. This stencil transfer solution is designed to provide a more accurate representation of your work with impeccably clear and crisp lines. Anchored Stencil Solution is also developed to last for hours so that you can work from start to finish without worrying about missing any parts of the stencil that may have rubbed off during the procedure. This listing is for a single 8oz. bottle of Anchored Stencil Solution; please view here to purchase a case of 50 bottles.Specifications: Size: 8oz. Long-lasting transfer with crisp, clear lines Developed and tested by Nikko Hurtado Available in a case of 50 bottles Price per one bottle of Anchored Stencil Solution 8oz. Ingredients:Aloe Barbadensis (Organic Aloe) Leaf Juice, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Phenoxyethanol, Plyquaternium 7, Tetrasodium EDTA, Polysorbate, Carbomer

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  • Pacon Tracing Paper 8.5" x 11" — 500 Sheets

    Pacon Tracing Paper 8.5" x 11" — 500 Sheets

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    500 Sheets of Pacon Tracing Paper for InkJet Stencils® Pacon Tracing Paper allows you to print stencils using InkJet Stencils® product. You can also use it for hand-drawing stencils. The paper is semi-transparent, recyclable, and measures 8.5” x 11” per sheet. This listing is for one ream of 500 sheets of Pacon Tracing Paper. Specifications: Sheet Size: 8.5” x 11” Semi-transparent parchment paper Use to print with InkJet Stencils® product Can also be used for tracing Recyclable tracing paper Price per one ream of 500 sheets Also available in 8.5” x 14” size

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  • InkJet Stencils® — 4oz Bottle

    InkJet Stencils® — 4oz Bottle

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    One 4oz Bottle of InkJet Stencils® Patented Methyl Violet Stencil Formula InkJet Stencils® is a patented methyl violet formula for stencil printing, brought to you by the makers of Tatu-Derm. Eliminating the need to hand-draw your work, this formula saves realism and portrait artists hours of time. Simply create your image using your wireless device or computer, fill your printer with InkJet Stencils® ink, and print onto Pacon tracing paper. This product is recommended for use with an Epson EcoTank model printer. This listing is for one 4oz bottle of InkJet Stencils®, which yields about 3,000 tattoo stencils on average; that equates to less than 10 cents per print. Save on time and money today with InkJet Stencils®. Specifications: Size: 4oz Patented methyl violet formula Prints ~3,000 stencils per bottle From the creators of Tatu-Derm Recommended for use with Epson EcoTank printers + Pacon tracing paper Made in the USA Price per one bottle

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