The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2022

The Best Wireless Tattoo Machines in 2022

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Wireless tattoo machines have taken the industry by storm. Here is a list of the best wireless tattoo machines of 2022 so far!

You may or may not have noticed… wireless tattoo machines have taken the industry by storm. Maybe you’ve considered swapping out your cords to glean the benefits of a wireless model. Or maybe you’ve already hopped on the wireless bandwagon and you’re seeking your next go-to machine.

Either way, this wireless tattoo machine guide is for you. You’ll find everything you could possibly want out of a wireless machine: lining, packing, and shading capabilities, intuitive features from top-rated brands, and more.

So, let’s get to it: Level up your top drawer with the best wireless tattoo machines on the market and enjoy tattooing with cord-free versatility.


With the FK Irons Flux Max, you can super-size your tattooing potential with quite a few features that build on FK Irons’s former wireless machine models. Artists who love to pull big, bold, crispy lines will want to give this one a go for sure. That’s because the FK Irons Flux Max comes in three stroke lengths, including 4.5mm, which is the largest stroke length FK Irons has ever offered. Consequently, not only do you get the convenience of an easily adjustable stroke length — you also get the ideal stroke length for your boldest work. Additionally, the Flux Max comes with an updated PowerBolt battery pack: The PowerBolt II. This revamped battery gives you a clear, digital OLED readout of your voltage and session timer. Adjust your voltage in 0.1mm increments with the press of a button using this clear, easy-to-read interface. Plus, the PowerBolt II lets you have eGive without having to connect to the Darklab app. On top of these bonus features, the Flux Max has the benefits of the original Flux wireless tattoo machine design: an ergonomic grip and a forward-weighted body for maximum control.

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